Energy Healing

Energy Healing has been used by humans for thousands of years.  It is only recently in the west with the introduction of 'western medicine' that we have shunned away from it, but now we are realising that we need both to work together. 

Our bodies are made of up of energy, and every atom inside us is a vibrational field.  

We have 7 major energy centres in our body called Chakras. These energy centres spin and when they are all spinning in harmony, the energy flows between one another and we feel great.  Unfortunately these centres can get blocked, out of alignment and out of balance.  When this happens our body notices it.  We may get sick, fell emotional, have physical pain or seem to be not moving in the direction we want.  Basically we get out of sync with ourselves and lose the flow of life.  

Energy CAN be adjusted through other energy so the role of an energy healer is to use a higher source of energy to helps shift that in the clients body.  

I have trained with leading Australasian healer Nigel Collis in Elohim Healing.  This is based on a sequence and uses a combination of healing modalities.  Together with Theta healing which I am also a registered practitioner in, this is a beautiful healing that will leave you feeling grounded, balanced and light. The healing includes:

* Cleansing, balancing and aligning Chakras

* Hands on healing 

* Strengthening physical and spiritual energy lines

* Release of blocked energy

* Centre, align and ground your body

Energy Healing can help with:

* Reduction in stress

* Feeling overwhelmed

* Physical pain

* Connecting to your intuition


You can either visit me at my home in Kaukapakapa or I can perform the healing at your home (travel fee may apply)

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