Modern Tarot Readings

Readings do not need to be done face to face. I can connect with you remotely with your permission and will send a written reading with images of your spread by email. 


Tarot is an ancient form of fortune telling. Forms of Tarot have been documented in China, Middle East and Egypt from around 15,000 years ago. It has evolved over time and in the last few hundred years there are stories of Tarot being used by Kings and Queens in Europe and now, by people all over the world.

Tarot gives us insight into any particular situation and can show paths that are ahead of us. Tarot works by the reader being able to tap into the energy of the subconscious mind of the person asking the question, and this energy is transmitted to the cards, placing them in the order that they need to be read.


When you think of having a Tarot reading many people visualize a dark room with crystal balls and dragon/skull figurines everywhere! My aim is to change that and to bring Tarot into the modern day world for everyday people. This is a great tool for problem solving, planning ahead and getting reassurance. The cards are showing messages from YOUR sub conscious so it is your higher self that is giving the information.


Of course not every reading will show happiness and joy. I would NEVER predict a death or a serious illness. Unfortunately bad things do happen on this journey of life we are taking and sometimes knowing something negative may happen or is around a situation can help us deal with it better or take another path to avoid that problem. 


All my readings are delivered with pure intentions and with love.

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