I really enjoyed the 6 week mindfulness program that Tarryn ran with our Leadership Team at Lion NZ. Tarryn brought the content to life in practical bite-sized chunks, which enabled us to grasp the concepts easily and practice a small number of tips per week. As a team, the program provided us a great opportunity for regular "time out" and to support each other. Many of us have shared some of the content with our teams, thereby benefiting many others as well.
Robin Davies - HR, Lion Nathan

We have never had someone come in and speak to our staff on Health & Wellbeing before, but Tarryn made it so simple. She really catered for the individual needs for our passionate & animal focused staff. We whole heartedly recommend her as a ‘full package deal’ to help with the message of taking care of yourself from the inside out. Thanks, Tarryn!
Paula Quigley -HR , SPCA

"Tarryn is a fantastic speaker with a wealth of knowledge on corporate wellness. I have consistently received great feedback from clients so now use Tarryn as a regular speaker at my corporate retreats. I have engaged Tarryn to run mindfulness workshops for HSBC, Artemis, Kindercare and Stride Property. Her mindfulness workshops are engaging while providing practical tools to help businesses reduce risk, reduce stress and improve overall productivity" 
Melissa Carroll -  Founder, NZ Wellness Retreats

I absolutely loved working with Tarryn and having her present at one of Balancing Act's retreats. She knows how to clearly equip people with strategies, knowledge and support to achieve a happier and more balanced lifestyle! If you are looking for someone to help you, your employees or community live a life that reflects the real you, Tarryn is the perfect mentor for just that. And her genuine loving personality helps too :) 
Karina Salib - Founder, Balancing Act

I just wanted to say thank you so much for taking time to come to our staff meeting and taking us through some breathing and relaxation techniques, as well discussing with us about how to be mindful and the importance of this, particularly in a potentially stressful/high pressure work place. All of the staff really enjoyed the session and certainly saw the value in learning how to breathe. We will certainly be using you again in the near future, so that we can learn more from you
Jodi Norton - Centre Manager , Lollipops 

"My 11 year old daughter slept in her bed all night for the first time in so long after your workshop!  Whatever you did, I'm so grateful".     Elise

"When I came to the workshop, I learnt so much that I had never known before. I get quite nervous when I go to school but now I know how to do the bubble and belly breathing I feel so much more comfortable when I leave for school in the mornings".    13 Year Old Boy, Workshop Attendee

"The kids were so engaged.  George (6) loved it.  Just watching him physically practicing to plug in and turn his little switch on was so sweet."  Hannah