About Us

 As seen on the AM Show, Radio Live and in print publications, Tarryn has gained amazing traction with her insights around the impact of ‘living in the stress lane

Tarryn has spent years in the corporate wellness world, running stress management and mindfulness workshops for corporate teams, she has co-hosted women retreats and is a qualified yoga and mindfulness teacher. 

Tarryn is a wellness and selfcare advocate and her passion lies in helping people find moments of ‘calm within the crazy chaos’ that is modern day life. As a mum and businesswoman, she understands the juggle that most people face and provides simple yet practical tools to support your nervous system and instil a sense of breathability. 


Catherine has hosted many retreats for woman wanting to learn more about self care and mindfulness.  Having an Uh Huh moment after attending one herself many years ago, her goal is to get the message out in as many ways possible that 'you need to fill your own tank before being able to help others'. 

Trained as a Health Coach and Energy practitioner, seeing the stress that many people face in todays world, she wants to be able to share tools and practices that can help relieve that stress.